CDC Reprimanded for Lab Mistakes

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The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been reprimanded six times since 2003 for lack of safety and shoddy lab mistakes. This is the same agency that keeps pushing an intense vaccine schedule and claims vaccines are safe despite clear scientific evidence that they are not. Half of US children now have a chronic health issue.

How can we trust this agency with the health of our children?! Take back your health and do your own vaccine research. Our children deserve better.

Please share so people understand why the CDC cannot be trusted with our children’s health decisions.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has faced congressional hearings and secret government sanctions over its sloppy lab safety practices, is keeping secret large swaths of information about dozens of recent incidents involving some of the world’s most dangerous bacteria and viruses.CDC scientists apparently lost a box of deadly and highly-regulated influenza specimens and experienced multiple potential exposures involving viruses and bacteria, according to heavily-redacted laboratory incident reports obtained by USA TODAY. Several reports involve failures of safety equipment. In one, a scientist wearing full-body spacesuit-like gear to protect against lethal, often untreatable viruses like Ebola, had their purified air hose suddenly disconnect — “again” — in one the world’s most advanced biosafety level 4 labs.

After taking nearly two years to release laboratory incident reports requested by USA TODAY under the Freedom of Information Act, the CDC blacked out many details including the types of viruses and bacteria involved in the mishaps and often the entire descriptions of what happened. In several cases, clues about the seriousness of incidents is revealed because CDC staff failed to consistently black out the same words repeated throughout a string of emails.

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