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Two former MERCK whistleblower scientists are suing MERCK for falsifying the mumps vaccine efficacy studies in trials leading up to the approval of the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine. The data also secured Merck a monopoly on the US market. This data was presented to the FDA commission that approved the vaccine’s application.

Important questions need to be asked. Could this be why we are seeing so many cases of mumps in fully vaccinated populations? And if the vaccine doesn’t work that well, why risk the side effects that include death, brain inflammation, febrile seizures that can lead to seizure disorders like epilepsy?

Pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to confuse people into believing their drugs and vaccines are all safe and all effective. It’s important that we become our own health advocates and look to natural methods to maintain real health.

Merck is Accused of Stonewalling Over Effectiveness of Mumps Vaccine

Two former Merck scientists, who filed a whistleblower lawsuit accusing the drug maker of falsifying data about its mumps vaccine, say the company is refusing to answer a key question about effectiveness of the product, according to court documents.

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